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Kansas City is a wonderful city to live. I raised my daughter here, and am proud to call it home! There is so much to do here, a wide variety of housing options, affordable prices, and fantastic schools! Whether you’re a lifelong resident or moving to the Midwest, there are 5 reasons you want a Kansas City Realtor® on your side!

Kansas City Realtor®

Welcome to the Midwest. While the laid-back atmosphere may have you thinking you can find your own home, remember you don’t pay commission as a buyer. Realtors® offer tremendous value. When you hire a Kansas City Realtor® to buy a house, you find the perfect neighborhood and home of your dreams at the right price. That’s because you have a personal advisor, master negotiator, and objective person by your side.

Realtor in KCMany home buyers believe it’s easy to find their own home. All you need is a computer, and you can virtually tour home after home without ever leaving the comfort of their couch. While looking at home photos online is a starting point, a Realtor® will guide your search.

Some pictures don’t give you the full view of a home. It’s just a snapshot, and it’s hard to connect with a home through photos. You want to buy a home that you emotionally connect with. You can only achieve that when you’re in the space.

Photos can also distort how a space appears, which is why you don’t want to use online listings as your only source when you’re shopping for a home.

While it’s great for buyers to conduct their own searches, Realtors® send you updates when new homes hit the market. In a seller’s market, the best homes sell fast, so it’s important you’re on top of the latest homes that hit the market.

Plus, a Realtor® offers valuable insight into photos. They’ve looked at tens of thousands of pictures in their careers, and have a keen sense for photos that make a home appear better than it is. They can also point out quality homes with poor images.

Many home buyers think they know what they want, but soon discover they don’t know what they want. That’s ok. A Realtor® will guide you through those decisions, and open your eyes to new possibilities.

When inventory’s tight, you need someone on your side who knows how to uncover homes that haven’t hit the market yet. Real estate agents have a vast network of contacts that they can tap if you can’t find the home you want.

Think of your real estate agent like your advisor or assistant. Isn’t it so much easier to find clothes that fit when you bring along a friend, who can give you honest and thoughtful feedback? The same is true for home buying! It’s even more important you have a trusted advisor because the purchase price is much larger than a pair of jeans.

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Realtors® navigate the road for you

Real estate is complicated, and the rules and regulations always change. Navigating the documents, disclosures, timelines, and negotiation yourself is time-consuming.

Even if you’ve bought a home before, it probably was several years ago. You forget steps along the way. Trust me; there are many! Do you want to learn everything as you go along? How much time will that take?

Plus, there are tons of terms tossed around during the process. Do you know the difference between a CMA and a PUD? Realtors® know the lingo is making it easier to communicate with the other agent and understand what’s happening with the mortgage and title work.

When you’re making such a large purchase, that impacts the next 20 or 30 years of your life, you want someone on your side who understands the process and how to navigate it successfully.

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Why you need a Kansas City Realtor®Master negotiators

When you’re purchasing a home, most buyers don’t offer the list price. However, how low should you go? A real estate agent will help with this answer. Many factors go into an offer, and a Realtor® will know how to help you negotiate the offer and counter-offers.

While price is one thing to consider, contracts also include addendums or other considerations. For example, you may ask the seller for certain furnishings or home improvements. That can dramatically change the finances of a home purchase.

A lot goes into buying a home, and you want a master negotiator on your side.

As a seller, you also need a negotiator on your team. When you sell your own home, it’s easy to make mistakes. After all, you don’t practice real estate day in and day out. It’s hard to remove the emotion from an offer when you’re selling your own home. On average, FSBO homes sell for $55,000 less according to the National Association of Reatlors®.

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Valuable insight

A real estate agent also offers valuable insight into the housing market, neighborhood, and schools. If you’re moving to Kansas City, a local Realtor® provides insight into the community. Need a plumber or an insurance agent? Ask your real estate agent.

If you’ve lived in a city for some time, a Realtor® still offers insight into the area that you don’t necessarily know as a resident. For example, a real estate agent understands the pricing of neighbors. They can tell you if prices are up or down if the neighborhood is popular with other buyers, type of residents living in an area, and more.

A Realtor® brings a lot of value to the home buying process!

Objective point of view

The home buying process is emotional. You’re emotionally attached to homes, neighborhoods, and your money! It’s a big purchase, so buyers get emotionally if a seller doesn’t budge on the sales price or improvements discovered during the home inspection.

Your real estate agent is emotionally invested in you, but does not get emotional about the process! That’s a significant distinction! It allows them to have an objective point of view, which is helpful when you’re negotiating.

During the back and forth that happens several times during the home buying process, you may not get everything you want from the seller. Your real estate agent will tell you if something is a big deal or not a big deal because he has an objective point of view.

A Realtor® also has experience on his side!

Sally Moore

Sally Moore

Selling and buying homes is in my blood! I flipped and rehabbed homes for several years before finally becoming a Realtor®. From representing builders in new construction communities to staging and selling resale homes, I have devoted more than 18 years to helping my clients achieve their real estate dreams! My team of seasoned agents would love to help you, too! Let us show you how you can get “Moore” for your money with the Sally Moore Real Estate Team!