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A first-of-its-kind home decor studio has opened its doors, offering Kansas City area home sellers complimentary access to an extensive collection of furniture and decor. It sells your KC home fast and for more money!

Sell quick with “Upstage Studio”

Upstage Studio” is a 1,600+ square foot combination consultation center / home decor warehouse located in Blue Springs. It’s the brain child of Realtor® and Accredited Staging Professional Sally Moore, who has had a career-long commitment to the proven power of home staging.

Upstage Studio Home Staging

“We wanted to create a space where we can interactively work with sellers to conceptualize a plan to stage their homes,” Moore explains. “Being able to tour our inventory and visualize the transformation we are proposing is a powerful tool in getting sellers to buy in to the power of home staging.”

Of course, the “buy in” is made even easier given the fact that Moore and her co-listing agent, Dee Harding, offer the staging service absolutely for free.

Home staging sells homes fast

While a quick internet search shows prices for home staging range from a few hundred dollars for a consultation to thousands of dollars for full staging service, it is complimentary for clients of The Sally Moore Real Estate Team. It is the team’s unique value proposition that sets them apart from the competition.

“The statistics speak for themselves. Staged homes sell faster and for top dollar compared to non-staged properties.”, explains Harding. Moore wholeheartedly agrees. “We want our clients to net the most money they possibly can on the sale of their homes. Simply put, we designed the Upstage Studio to help our clients upstage the competition!”, Moore says.

Kansas City home staging decor

A tour of the “Upstage Studio” helps sellers understand the arsenal at their disposal. As the purpose of home staging is to depersonalize a property and help buyers envision themselves — not the sellers — living in the home, the warehouse is fully stocked with a rotating supply of furniture and decor in the styles and trends most popular with today’s buyers. This takes the pressure off sellers, letting them focus instead on simply cleaning and decluttering their homes in preparation for staging day. The transformations often stun the sellers, themselves.

“We’ve had clients walk in after we’ve staged their homes and not want to move!”, laughs Harding. Moore adds, “Or they ask us if we come back and stage their new homes, too! We love that reaction. Next to receiving multiple competing offers on the properties, it’s the highest compliment we can receive!”

Transforming Kansas City homes

“Upstage Studio” features literally thousands of ways to transform a home.

Upstage Studio home decor

This inspiring collection continues to grow daily! Plastic storage bins stacked to the ceiling hold everything from throw pillows, rugs and bedding to towels, shower curtains, table runners & placements. Rows of shelving units display an array of accessories, while paintings, prints and mirrors adorn the walls. The center aisle is lined with furniture arrangements, from family rooms to dining rooms to offices and bedrooms. It’s like walking into your favorite home decor store and furniture showroom all at once!

Until now, this treasure trove of home decor and furniture collections was stored in boxes in garages spread across the city. Now, it’s painstakingly arranged and organized by color and function, making it quick and easy for Moore and Harding to find inspiration to stage their sellers homes.

How we increase home values — a message from The Sally Moore Real Estate Team

The Sally Moore Real Estate Team sells homes in any condition! Our team understands life happens. We are here for you whether it’s a divorce, sick parent, or a home that needs repairs. Our treasure trove of decor transforms homes, increases values, and takes the stress out of selling.

Sometimes, sellers just want a quick and painless sale. We understand that, but caution them to not undersell the value of their home.

Here’s a prime example: We often hear from sellers after they talk to a home investor who promises to sell their Kansas City home quickly. They call us because they know their home is worth far more than the investor has offered. That’s exactly what happened to Debbie.

Debbie sold her Independence home fast and for more money

We sold Debbie’s home for
$79,000 MORE than an investor offered.

How did we do it? We staged her home, priced it competitively and quickly received 15 offers!

Here’s Debbie’s breakdown:

Investor: $106,000.
Our listing: $159,9000
Sold: $185,000

Difference: $79,000

Sell your KC home fast

Bottom line, our team can stage any home, no matter the condition. We’ll use our proven staging strategies to get you tens of thousands of dollars more than signing a contract from an investor.

That’s because while investors promise a quick sale in just 7-days with little or no fees, what they’re NOT telling you is that they offer far less than fair market value.

Why settle for less? We can sell your home in as little as 30 days, PLUS, you’ll pocket tens of thousands of dollars more — even after paying real estate fees.

Out-of-state seller

Here’s another example of how we helped a seller who was given a low-ball offer by an investor. This seller lived out-of-state. An investor offered her $105,000 for her father’s home.

The challenger for the seller: her father had recently passed away, and she lived all the way in California. We put boots on the ground to help coordinate the clean out of the property, and the ensuing clean up. Even though the seller chose to sell the property in “AS-IS” condition, by helping to coordinate those two simple steps, we sold the property FAST for more than $20,000 over what the investor had offered her.

You should get the full value of your home even if you need to sell quickly. That’s the Sally Moore Real Estate Team difference! We value you and your home — no matter your circumstance and or its condition.

Let’s get you started with a quick and instant home value! It’s free!

Complimentary home staging increases home values for everyone! We also work with vacant homes.

Vacant homes

With vacant homes, our team has a few options. We can add a little decor, stage the entire property, or virtually stage the home to capture even the most discerning buyer the moment they see the photos online.

Here’s an example of how we transformed a vacant home by fully staging it with our furnishings.

Sell Your KC Home fast with Upstage Studio

The house had failed to sell after being on the market for a year with another real estate team. We staged it and sold it the first day on the market!

Take a look at the dramatic before and after difference!

Home staging before
Plesant street bedroom before
Home staging Master Bedroom After
Pleasant Street Bedroom

We sell homes quick for clients

  • Out-of-state sellers. We’re the on-the-ground contact to coordinate clean-out and minor repairs.
  • Family members with older parents who are downsizing or moving to a nursing home.
  • Property owners who have homes that need some work.
  • Families who need to sell quick due to illness, divorce, a new job or other life circumstances.
  • Vacant homes.
  • Owners who haven’t been able to sell with other real estate agents, or For Sale By Owner.

One of those For By Sale Owner failures turned success story comes to us from Virgil and Loretta of Independence. They came to an open house of ours, and it’s a good thing they did!

They tried selling their home on their own — no luck. Tried selling with other realtors — same disappointing result.

Loretta and Virgil sold their KC Home fast

“We had 2 real estate agents before The Sally Moore Real Estate Team. God brought us to your open house because we could not get rid of our home and Sally and Dee staged it and sold it in a short time!

Virgil and Loretta ended up calling on us again to sell their next home! We staged it, SOLD IT, and got them moved into their new property in just a few short weeks. Its a time and time again testament to the power of home staging!

Ready to sell your KC home fast? Contact our team today to see how we can increase your home value and find you a buyer quickly.

Sally Moore and her partner, Dee Harding, are both Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP). They offer sellers complimentary home staging, transforming homes so they sell faster and for more money. “Upstage Studio” is their latest innovate investment setting their service apart to “upstage” the competition.

Sally Moore

Sally Moore

Selling and buying homes is in my blood! I flipped and rehabbed homes for several years before finally becoming a Realtor®. From representing builders in new construction communities to staging and selling resale homes, I have devoted more than 18 years to helping my clients achieve their real estate dreams! My team of seasoned agents would love to help you, too! Let us show you how you can get “Moore” for your money with the Sally Moore Real Estate Team!