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In a seller’s market, homeowners expect their home to sell fast with little effort. However, you still have to spruce up your home to make it marketable. Listing a home at the right price, and staging it are two ways to get your home to sell quick. Before and after photos reveal tips to stage your home.

How to Sell Your Home Quick

In the digital world that we live in, many buyers never leave their house while searching for homes. Online search tools and databases make house shopping possible from the comfort of home. Staging helps make the first impression with buyers, and attract their attention in the sea of real estate photos.

There’s no doubt home staging sells your home quick! Plus, the Sally Moore Real Estate Team offers FREE home staging to Kansas City area homebuyers!

According to the National Association of Realtors®, 49-percent of buyers’ agents feel home staging affects their buyer’s view of the home.

That’s because it’s easier for a buyer to envision living in a staged home.

Staging depersonalizes a home. It also features the home’s assets and selling points and minimizes any potential negatives. For example, a professional home stager’s strategies make small rooms look larger.

Your home staging professional or Realtor® may request that you clean and declutter before they arrive. Less is more when you’re preparing a home to show. Again, the goal is to depersonalize the space.

A home stager uses a mix of your furnishings and their own. Subtle changes have a significant impact on showings.

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Staged homes sell faster and for more money. On average, staged homes sell in 11 days or less and for 17-percent more money. That’s according to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and

I feel so strongly about the power of it, I’m sharing my top 10 home staging secrets!

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Which rooms should I stage?

The living room, kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, and bathroom are the top areas to stage. These are the rooms in your home that you want to shine.

If you can’t stage every room, start with the living room and master bedroom. Those places are most important in a buyer’s eyes.

Ready for some home staging tricks with real before and after photos?

Staging a well-lived-in home

The problem for many sellers is that they lived in a house for years, maybe even decades. So, it’s hard to imagine the furniture in different places or new decorations. It makes a huge difference when you freshen up the look of a room.

staging a well-lived-in homePlus, let’s face it – when you’re ready to sell you’re ready to sell. Sellers don’t want to spend time decorating, moving furniture around, or re-envisioning a new look for a room. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a Realtor® who offers home staging. We staged this Independence home for FREE.

Take a look at the before photo above.

In this living room, the furniture needs a fresh look. Plus, the space looks small with all the furniture. With a few changes, it’s easy to open up the room so it appears bigger.

Now take a look at the after photo.

home staging after

Moving the furniture back opened up the space. That shows the buyer there’s lots of space in the room for their furniture too.

We also added a slipcover to the couch to brighten up the room. The white color is an excellent contrast to the dark blue chairs. Then, the blue throw blanket adds a splash of color.

With the way the furniture is set up, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the room. To make it shine, we removed the greenery showcasing the mirror.

In the end, the room is clean, open, and bright.

How to stage a small space

Some homes have small living spaces. While you can’t change the physical dimensions of the room, you can make the room appear larger than it is.

stage a small space before

This room has bulky furniture that takes up the majority of the room. Plus, the curtains don’t do much to brighten the room.

It’s useful for this seller, but you want your home to be functional for a wide variety of buyers.

stage a small space after

While staging, we changed the color of the curtains to blue. It adds a nice splash of color. We also removed the second couch to make the room appear more open.

Buyers like fireplaces, so we enhanced It with a painting and tall decorative vases.

We also removed the TV and added a mirror and decorations to the table. A plant in the room, colorful throw pillows, and a painting on the wall are the final touches.

A mirror is a handy staging tool. It tricks the eye and instantly enlarges a space.

After staging this room, the buyer won’t focus on the size of the room.

Staging Grandma’s house

We all love our Grandparents, but do we love their decorative style? Maybe some grandparents have a modern look, but many homes are dated making them hard to sell.

Home staging helps sellers who are selling homes for family members like their parent or grandparent. It’s often emotional, especially if the sale comes after a relative’s death. You’re attached to every piece of furniture and knick-knack because it reminds you of your lost loved one. A home staging professional can take away some of your home selling pain.

They’re unbiased and can objectively decide how to freshen up the look.

How to stage a vacant home

Home staging also helps in vacant home situations. Adding a little furniture or colorful decor, makes the rooms feel homier and inviting. You don’t need much to make a difference.

stage a vacant home

In this home, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the room. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door. We added a splash of color with the red and white flowers and the blue vase. Plus, the reds in the photo make the red in the fireplace tile pop.

It’s not much, but the staging showcases the Kansas City home’s features.

Again, a painting on the back wall grabs a buyers attention when they walk into the room. Instead of focusing on the fact that the home is vacant, the buyer pays attention to the home’s features.

New home construction

Staging also helps in new home construction. If you’ve ever built a home, you know it’s dusty. In this before picture, you can see the dust on the cabinets and the floors. That’s a turn-off for buyers.

As the real estate agent, you want buyers to look at the amenities a home has to offer rather than cosmetic issues. So, take the time to fix housekeeping issues.

new construction before home staging

As new construction experts in the Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and Grain Valley area, we can help you envision a home even when it’s empty.

We stage homes in all of our new home neighborhoods including Stone Canyon, Brittany RidgeSonora Valley, and Rosewood Hills.

In this new home, we added Aqua stools to make the dark cabinetry pop. There’s also a splash of aqua on the counters, so the buyer looks at the beautiful granite finishes.

new construction home staging after

It’s all about catching the eye and drawing a buyer into the features a home has to offer.

With a new home, add furniture. This way a buyer envisions the space for their lifestyle.

FREE Kansas City area home staging

Home staging is an art. Ask about qualifications, training, and ask to see before and after photos.

Accredited Staging Professionals, like Sally Moore, have the experience and extensive training to stage homes and sell them faster. Ready for her to work some home staging magic on your home?

First, find out the value of your home.

If you hire an independent staging professional, expect to pay a fee. There are ways around that, though.

Some Realtors® offer the service for free, including the Sally Moore Real Estate Team.

No matter how you look at it, staged homes sell faster and for more money.

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Sally Moore

Sally Moore

Selling and buying homes is in my blood! I flipped and rehabbed homes for several years before finally becoming a Realtor®. From representing builders in new construction communities to staging and selling resale homes, I have devoted more than 18 years to helping my clients achieve their real estate dreams! My team of seasoned agents would love to help you, too! Let us show you how you can get “Moore” for your money with the Sally Moore Real Estate Team!