Rick Parker


Buyer’s Agent

Next on deck is buyer agent Rick Parker. Rick is a former professional baseball player, suiting up for the Phillies, Giants, Astros, Mets and Dodgers. After a season ending injury to his right hand, Rick had to learn how to write with his left hand while he studied for his real estate exam.

Rick and his wife Cheryl went into the real estate business in 1998 and Rick joined the Sally Sells Moore team in 2014.

Rick Parker

Rick and Cheryl are parents to three grown kids and grandparents to two. A proud accomplishment: Rick has sold his three kids houses just steps away from his own! Having the whole family living in the same neighborhood makes huge family dinners convenient and very common these days!

He may not be turning double plays in the majors anymore, but Rick loves to hit a grand slam for his clients. Call him today to make a play for you!

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