How To Sell Your Home Fast In 2020

Everyone wants to sell their home fast, but the reality is that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s the house, and other times it’s the real estate agent. Choose your real estate agent wisely because it makes a difference in how quickly your home sells. With our clients, we “set the stage” so your home is ready for prime time the minute it’s listed. That way you can sell your home fast in 2020 and beyond.

Kansas City home staging

Your home is your castle. You build memories in it and begin to like and dislike certain things about it. The space is personal to you, so it’s difficult to envision it any other way.

Studies show less than 10-percent of people can visualize a space unless someone else sets the stage.

That’s where an Accredited Staging Professional helps. My co-listing agent Dee Harding and I, went through extensive training to find proven strategies to stage your home. We offer FREE home staging on every home we sell.

We objectively look at the space and help you make decisions to create the most inviting space for buyers.

Room by room, we carefully choreograph the precise positioning of every piece of furniture and all the accessories inside it. Through strategic staging, we show buyers the true potential of each and every inch of a home.

I can’t tell you how many homes we have sold where others have failed— simply because the previous real estate agent didn’t know how to “set the stage” for a stranger to envision themselves living in the property. With just a few hours of rearranging, decluttering and repositioning, suddenly oversized sofas and bedroom sets magically fit perfectly inside a home.

Staged homes sell for 17-percent more money, and in fewer days. See the difference home staging makes.

So, how do you stage a home to sell? Here are my top 10 secrets to sell your home quick!

How to get your house ready to sell

When you get your house ready to sell, identify maintenance projects that will speed up the sale of your home. Often, a fresh coat of paint improves the look of a home for a relatively small price.

Many buyers want to walk into a move-in ready home. They pay attention to the details, so it’s important that you give your home some tender loving care (TLC) before you market it.

We’ll tell you where to invest your money, and what home improvement projects you can ignore.

sell your home fasterImprove curb appeal

The landscaping and front of the home are the first things a potential buyer sees when they get out of their car. So, make a good first impression. A well-maintained landscape increases your home’s value up to 11-percent, according to a Michigan State University study.

While redesigning your home’s landscape when you’re ready to sell your home is unlikely, there are small things you can do to improve the curb appeal.

Michigan State found large, evergreen plants or shrubs, annual plants with color, and a colored hardscape increased the value the most.

First, add colorful annuals to the front landscape. You can also add flowers to pots or containers near the doorstep or walkway.

Second, spread new mulch around your yard. The color and smell of fresh mulch immediately awaken a buyer’s senses when they walk to your door.

Finally, trim overgrown trees or bushes.

You want the appearance of your home to look updated, cared for, and tidy. This helps all buyers, especially buyers looking at homes in a neighborhood that’s not an ideal location.

Real Estate photos

You’ve heard the saying – a photo is worth a thousand words. It’s true, especially for real estate where so many buyers search for homes from the comfort of their own home. Buyers love to browse photos of homes for sale, so your home needs to shine in those photos.

Real estate agents work with professional photographers who know how to create a snapshot of your home that truly accentuates it. If you’ve browsed real estate photos, you’ve probably seen a few worthy of hitting delete.

We’re talking about pictures with people in them, photos that are uploaded into the system upside down, dark images, or photos showing all the clutter.

You need someone who is on your side, ready to capture your home in its best light.


As a seller, you want to awaken your buyer’s senses. Visually and their senses of smell.

Plug-in scents greet buyers at the door, stimulating their senses the moment they walk in.

If your home has a musty or moldy smell, take care of the underlying issue. Don’t rely on a candle or plug-in to mask the smell.

The scents are used to enhance the buyer’s experience rather than hide a problem.

You don’t want the scents to be overwhelming, because it may make the buyer think you’re hiding something. A little goes a long way.

Use one clean, simple-scent, according to a study by Eric Spangenberg, formerly of Washington State University College of Business. Researchers analyzed shoppers and found they spent 20-percent more when shopping near a simple scent. Why? It allowed them to free their mind so they could focus on shopping.

While that’s shopping and we’re talking real estate, the principles are the same. Buyers are shopping for a home. While they’re not going to purchase right away, you want to connect with your home. Perhaps a scent will do just that.

In this case, the scientists used citrus as their simple scent.

Pricing a home for sale

Price overcomes all objections. However, I understand it’s tough listing your home for a lower price than you want. After all, you don’t want to “give your house away.” I put that in quotations because I’ve heard it a million times on listing appointments.

Real estate agents understand pricing is challenging. We don’t want you to “give your house away.” We’re simply asking sellers to be realistic about the price given the home’s location, condition, and market factors.

Even in a seller’s market, you have to price a home right for it to sell.

If you don’t price it right out of the gate, your home will likely sit on the market longer and make it harder to sell. The price has to be right to sell a home. A Realtor® can help you price the house right for the market and neighborhood.

Don’t let your property end up languishing on the Island of Misfit listings. Let us get it listed, staged & SOLD!

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